We also provide a professional mattress cleaning services in your area to remove stains, sanitize and clean your mattresses. Our professional cleaners will use a steam extraction system or low moisture system to clean your mattresses.

Mattress cleaning is a great way to remove stains, sanitize, and clean your mattresses. About 60 percent of dust mites, bacteria, tiny bugs, and other kinds of microscopic organisms live in the mattress, and it is important that it is cleaned at least once a year. It’s a fact that the average person sheds about 1 gram of skin every day, and dust mites feed on it! They produce droppings that cause a variety of health problems.


Obviously, having clean mattresses is good for your health. People with allergies, eczema, asthma and other problems will benefit, cleaning will help reduce and even alleviate the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms. Health professionals recommend regular mattress cleaning especially for allergy patients.


Our professional cleaners will use one of 2 systems to clean your mattresses and all cleaning products used are safe, no harmful residues are left behind. Your mattresses will be slightly damp when we finish cleaning and can take up to 6 hours to dry, depending on the system used.

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